Assembly Services

STABAN Engineering offers assembly services to many types of customers. Maybe they currently have products that they designed and only choose to market and sell.

This company could be a start-up company or, one who has too much work and needs additional manufacturing labor. They may even be a company that markets and sells another basic product and requires special equipment or devices for enhancement. They probably wouldn’t want to be involved with the manufacturing of these additions themselves.

Some of our customers have us bid on their drawings for manufacturing and assembly. The obvious advantage they have is knowing what their profit will be before selling the item. There are no labor or parts cost variables to contend with. They also have the option of knowing how much the item cost in the past and can now comparison shop.

Another advantage to using STABAN Engineering is the ability to review the design and determine if there is room for improvement or cost cutting during manufacturing or assembly.

As with any item to be manufactured and assembled, the manufacturing and assembly drawings must be accurate for us to quote. In the unlikely event the drawings do not reflect all previous manufacturing changes, we will work with you to get the drawings corrected and parts made properly. An engineering service charge plus rework time and material would be appropriate.

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