Do you quote and build to a customer set of specifications?

In many instances the customer will have a standard list of vendor components that they use to keep their inventory levels to a minimum. Their request for specific product brands can be two fold, the 1st being component compatibility or availability and the 2nd may be for a level of quality assurance.

They may also include a Mechanical, Pneumatic & Electrical Specification that lists requirements and methods created by their corporate engineers or plant engineer. We write the quotation to include those specifications and price the equipment accordingly. In many instances, our standards meet or exceed their specifications.

Does STABAN use Brand Name components and what are your standards?

Yes, it is important and certainly mandatory to use the highest quality brand name components available. The customer expects the equipment we design and build to be reliable over a long period of time. In fact, some of our equipment is operated on a 24-7 basis. By using name brand components, we can help assure equipment reliability and ease of maintenance.
Many of our standard components are listed on the Brochures and Tech Sheets.

As the customer of a project, can we interact with STABAN during the design stages to have our thoughts or ideas included in the final product?

Yes, in fact we invite the customer to have a kick-off meeting at our facility and follow up meetings to review the 3D CAD assemblies of custom built equipment as they are being created. This gives them the ability to see sections of the equipment they might not have seen until years later when a mechanic takes it apart for the first time to effect repair. We will work to incorporate the suggestions and assure the implementation of requests such as specifications that are part of the customer standards.

Does STABAN do all the design work at STABAN Engineering?

On average, 99% of each piece of equipment is engineered and designed by our staff of engineers. STABAN does all of the mechanical engineering and design and we do all of the controls for the equipment. We create the electrical and pneumatic schematics and panel designs. We program the Programmable Logic Controllers, the Motor Drives, Operator Interfaces and Vision/Inspection devices that are used on the equipment. We interface with many pre-packaged devices such as servo units and ultra-sonic welders, just to name a couple…

Does STABAN manufacture all the parts for the equipment at STABAN Engineering?

In general, 40% of a piece of equipment is purchased commercial items and 60% custom design parts such as frames, brackets, plates, shafts, etc. Of the 60% custom parts, STABAN makes nearly 75% of those in our manufacturing facility.