Custom Designed Machinery

Custom designed and manufactured machinery for nearly any industry is included in our product and services. We have the capability to create special machinery for custom applications and solve unique problems. We Envision, Design, Manufacture and build from scratch equipment that is one-of-a-kind. We work with the customer “hand in hand” to lead them to the completed solution they seek. This helps make them more profitable. We back our designs with service and support, both over the phone and in the customer plant.

Mach Cust Image 01t Custom Designed Machinery

6 station indexing fabrication machine with servo controls for rotation and slide positioning.

Mach Cust Image 02t Custom Designed Machinery

8 station dial plate assembly machine with ultrasonic welding.

Mach Cust Image 03t Custom Designed Machinery

Vibratory part feeders for a two piece assembly machine.

Mach Cust Image 04t Custom Designed Machinery

Lathe style machine with 4 axis controls for spinning, linear sliding, in & out and up/down.

Mach Cust Image 05t Custom Designed Machinery

Large multi-station assembly machine dispensing liquid material. Heating and cooling to alter the state of the material from liquid to solid.

Mach Cust Image 06t2 Custom Designed Machinery

2 part assembly staking machine for the hardware industry.

Mach Cust Image 07t Custom Designed Machinery

Adjustable multi-station cut-off machine.

Mach Cust Image 08t Custom Designed Machinery

Single operator 2 station press, semi-automatic for the foam industry.

Mach Cust Image 09t Custom Designed Machinery

Double sided medical assembly machine, assembles same parts 2 at a time on both halves of the machine.

Mach Cust Image 10t Custom Designed Machinery

Rotating drum, filter assembly machine with adhesive dispensing and Ultra-violet curing.


STABAN Engineering offers CAD Engineering & Design services for customers who need equipment designed. They might choose to have it built by themselves, or through another assembly company, or they could have STABAN Engineering manufacture and build the equipment.

This company may be a start-up company or, one who has too much work and needs additional design time. They might even be a company that markets and sells a basic product, requiring a special addition or device, designed to enhance their current line.

Still other companies have mechanics on staff who are capable of building a piece of equipment but do not have the Engineering support to design the concept.

Some of our customers have us bid on their projects for design. There are two ways this can be handled. One method is to have STABAN quote the entire project as a package full price with progressive payments and the other is at a billed rate per hour.

As with anything being designed, the process itself is not not perfect. However, the results will be what the customer envisioned before the project started.

The illustrations shown here are just a small example of some custom design projects that were developed at STABAN Engineering Corp.