Boutique dog food gets new digs

dog food 300x193 Boutique dog food gets new digs292320 L Elmar jpg Boutique dog food gets new digs

A new line of boutique canned dog food is opening new markets for Lotus Natural Pet Foods, Torrance, CA. Everything about the enterprise is new-new products, a new packaging line and a new facility. The new operation builds on the company’s history of making unique superior pet foods. It started with a line of dried foods that were baked instead of extruded like most dried pet foods, and that were made from the highest quality ingredients in their most whole, natural form.

With this success, the company decided to expand into a line of boutique canned dog food, and winter 2010 it built the new plant and installed the new line. Lotus president Darom Matsuura had been affiliated with Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies, which owns a line of retail pet stores in Los Angeles, so he arranged to acquire 120,000 sq ft in the Centinela distribution center and built a 40,000-sq-ft canning facility inside the DC. The architect for the project was Vertrees A&E. Accurate Industrial Construction Inc. installed all of the equipment and built the overhead catwalks.

Sterling Consulting Inc. was the systems integrator for the project. “Lotus wanted a high-quality, relatively low-speed canning line that could grow as the business grew,” says Sterling president Steve Day. “Primary equipment purchases were a combination of new and refurbished to optimize capital spending.” (more…)